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Sweet Heather Anne’s Cakes and Edible Sequin Tutorial

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Sweet Heather Anne is a boutique cake studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We love coming up with new techniques, and edible sequins have been one of our favorite things to work with lately. We find inspiration in everything from wedding dresses to 80’s sweaters and we have a lot of fun experimenting with them in different designs.


At the very beginning stages of designing a cake, we zero in on a main source of inspiration for the design. We've found that some of our most exciting designs come from non-cake elements such as the wedding invitation suite, the flowers, or the wedding dress. Taking a dress or invitation pattern and re-imagining it as a cake is where we're able to put our traditional art backgrounds to good use. It has become almost second nature for us to look at something inspiring and figure out how to convey a similar idea using edible materials.

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Sweet Heather Anne's Edible Sequin Cakes Photo: Kate Headley

Katie, a Cake Designer on our team, first came up with the idea to make wafer paper sequins when we were working on a wedding cake inspired by the bride’s dress. When we saw how light and delicate they were, we knew she was onto something. We started incorporating more and more sequins into our designs until we were covering entire tiers in intricate sequin work. It’s definitely a labor of love as we place each sequin individually with tweezers, but it’s worth it when the design comes together.

Sweet Heather Anne's Edible Sequin Cakes Photo: Cat Carty Buswell

As a Cake Designer, I have always valued taking time to experiment and try new things. It’s easy to get into a rut of recreating the same designs over and over again, and I believe if you carve out time to take creative risks and fail once in awhile, your work will be stronger in the end. Edible sequins were one of those risks and we’re already dreaming about what’s next.

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