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Jewelry by Johan’s intriguing take on traditional wedding ring sets

Jewelry by Johan ring

We go to the ends of the earth to coordinate everything for that big day from bridesmaids’ dresses to pocket squares, so why aren’t we coordinating our rings? They’re a literal symbol of your decision to link your life to another forever, so wouldn’t it make sense if they looked like they went together (even just a little)?

So often, we tend to match the ring to the person who is wearing it, but really your rings represent a fusion of both of your personalities. That’s why when Jewelry by Johan creates a design for a ring, they design an entire coordinating set–for both people. We love this idea!

Jewelry by Johan

diamond and meteorite wedding ring set by Jewelry by Johan


If you’re still looking for your rings, then please allow us to introduce you to one of the most unique fine jewelry design houses we’ve come across, Jewelry by Johan. They’re a Minnesota-based jewelry line that specializes in wedding jewelry made from precious and alternative metals and unconventional gemstones and materials like meteorite, wood, dinosaur bone, and antler! In addition to all of the cool materials that they have to offer, they also have a ton of different ways to coordinate your wedding ring sets.

matching metals & materials

yellow gold diamond wedding ring set by Jewelry by Johan

The simplest way to ensure that your rings look good together is if they’re made out of the same material. And with so many interesting options, with Jewelry by Johan , you’re sure to find something you can both agree on. Meteorite and dinosaur bone are a few of our favorites!

wood wedding ring set by Jewelry by Johan


Meteorite wedding ring set by Jewelry by Johan

coordinating gemstones

yellow gold, meteorite, and diamond wedding ring set by Jewelry by Johan

Whether it’s the center stone or incorporated into your band, gemstones are a great way to add dimension and flare to your wedding ring set. And yes, anyone can rock a gemstone. While Jewelry by Johan does have a good amount of diamond rings to choose from, there are so many other fun gemstones to consider, like Moonstone, Alexandrite, and Morganite.

moonstone and meteorite engagement rings by Jewelry by Johan

complementary designs

rose gold, diamond, and meteorite wedding ring set by Jewelry by Johan

If it’s hard to find a metal or gemstone you can agree on, then consider getting complementary designs, or even the same design in a different metal. This gives you both a chance to express your individuality in your rings while still having something in common.

yellow gold, meteorite, and diamond wedding ring set by Jewelry by Johan

Ready to find your perfect pairing? Click here to shop their collection online or set up your own virtual consultation with one of their experts for a truly bespoke experience.

Follow @jewelrybyjohan on Instagram for a constant source of cool alt. jewelry inspiration.

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We partnered with Jewelry by Johan to bring you these tips on coordinating your wedding sets. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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