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What Would Anna Delvey Wear To Her Wedding?

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If you’re like us (and the rest of the world) you’ve binged the new Netflix series Inventing Anna and are equally obsessed with the fake heiress that took the world by storm. And who wouldn’t be? The story’s got everything–money, intrigue, gangsters, Fyre Fest crossovers, and, of course, FASHION! As we were on our own internet deep dive into the case, we couldn’t help but wonder…what would Anna Delvey wear to her wedding if she was getting married? Before you keep reading, we are obliged to inform you that this whole feature is completely true, except for all the parts that are totally made up–which is all of it! So text your dad and get him ready to wire you some money and enjoy our little daydream.

engagement party

filler Photo/Dress:

We love the subtle sparkle on the neckline and the unique take on the spaghetti strap. Just message your personal shopper and ask them to put this one on your rack.

bridal shower

filler Photo/Dress:

Nothing says old money like a high neckline and some generously placed ruffles. Plus, the white collar is a bit cheeky–no?

bachelorette party

filler Photo/Dress:

Anna isn’t one to blend in, so you won’t see her in any LBD at her bachelorette party. We think she’d rock something sexy with a subtle sparkle, like this saucy little number.

rehearsal dinner

filler Photo:  JUMPSUIT: Stella McCartney $3,425

Anna loves an asymmetrical moment and would live for this jumpsuit. It's perfect for her rehearsal dinner.

getting ready

filler Photo/Robe:

La Perla is sure to make an appearance in any heiress’s bridal trousseau and we think this dreamy silk robe would live up to even Anna’s standards.


filler Photo/Gown:

For the ceremony, Anna would want to make a statement–the tabloids need something to talk about! We think this stunning gown with its ostrich-feather bodice is just the right amount of unexpected.


filler Photo:      DRESS: Alex Perry $4,500

Now that the deal is done, it’s back to business, and what says boss more than a structured dress with a cape?

exit look

filler Photo/Ensemble:

One must always leave a party before it gets boring or the illusion will all come crumbling down around you. Anna would leave in style with this long blazer and asymmetrical rouched mini dress.

honeymoon plane outfit

filler filler Photo/Ensemble:

If you’re going to “borrow” a private plane to whisk you off to your honeymoon, you have to look the part.

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