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Holiday Card Inspiration Straight Out of Kensington Palace

Duke and Duchess of Sussex Wedding Photo on Holiday Card Photo Credit:

Remember when Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, inspired us all with their black and white engagement photos? Well, they’re doing it again - this time, with their holiday card closeup! According to Kensington Palace, parents-to-be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are sending out Christmas correspondence with a never-before-seen photo from their wedding reception at Frogmore House. And the black and white edit is just so dreamy.

In the snap, Harry and Meghan (and their better sides 😉) are holding onto each other as they marvel at a bigger-than-life fireworks show. It’s such an adorable and authentic still between a bride and groom, and their hands touching is just one of those sweet things that a photographer lives for when he or she is shooting candids at the ceremony or reception.

Chris Allerton captured it, and we can already imagine how many brides and grooms are going to be begging their photographers not to miss these fleeting moments at their own weddings.

In any case, we loveeee how relatable the royals are in deciding to send out holiday cards with a wedding photo (even from seven months earlier). And for couples who made it official in 2018, this is your cue, if you haven’t already thought about sending out a card - as newlyweds - maybe think again. There’s still a little bit more time left, and if Harry and Meghan can do it, you can too….

Few tips, too, for that extra special ‘royal’ feel:

Pick a photo that hasn’t been posted everywhere already.

The greatest part about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s select was that it was one that hasn’t been seen before. Not one of their epic engagement photos, not one of their official wedding portraits, rather, one that was surprising and unexpected. If you’ve posted a lot of your wedding photos on Facebook or Instagram, and decide to use one that your friends and family have liked/loved and commented on already, it might not be as impactful as you choosing something as a ‘special secret weapon.’ Even if it’s from your engagement shoot (not everyone has seen those!)

Opt for something unstaged.

Another part of the magic that was Meghan and Harry’s holiday card was how real and unposed the picture actually was. It’s quite possible that Chris snapped this scene without their even knowing about it. And that’s how you end up with crazy good candids. Also, consider how ‘cheesy’ holiday cards can get, if you haven’t LOL-ed at a couple’s awkward card before, you haven’t lived. But when you’re sending out your own, you might want to nix the formal/stiff stuff for something a little more lowkey, yet lovey.

Break out the black and white.

If all else fails, and you’re at a loss about what photo you’d like to couple with your card, don’t underestimate the drama that can unfold with a black and white filter. Obviously, Harry and Meghan would have still looked flawless in color, but Chris’s choice to edit in black and white, almost silhouetting the pair, was so perfect. With the holidays being such a lively and colorful time, blues and whites, silvers and golds, red and greens, a black and white photo balances everything out. And we promise, it’ll be hands-down the best card on your friends’ fridges.

Here are a few of our fave festive black and white cards for the season. If you want to send one out, get on it now!! ((And you can use any black and white photo of your choosing, too, no need to use one of these designs!))

Minted Holiday Card with Couple and their Dogs

Merry holiday card from Minted

Minted Cheers Holiday Card

Married Christmas Minted Holiday Card

Minted Love and Joy Holiday Card

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