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6 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Sticking to This Season

Simon G. Jewelry Committed Campaign Couple Holding Hands

The holiday season is a great time to recommit to the things we love most in life, and it’s fitting that Simon G.'s latest campaign is all about commitment - a commitment to excellence in design quality and versatility when it comes to their jewelry. With Simon G., there is a level of commitment and integrity in everything that they do, and it’s something that we can get behind ALL year long, not just in the advent of a new year. That being said, we thought we’d round up a few things our staff is resolving to this time around, and we’d love to hear what you’re #committed to, too! Same for Simon G.!

Simon G. stands for commitment, they believe in the power of commitment as a force that isn’t just earned, but shared as well. Commitment doesn’t just bind us together, rather it makes us stronger. When it comes to their engagement jewelry that epitomizes commitment in the most tangible way, they believe that a proposal isn’t just a question, it is a declaration of ‘being in it together.’ They look beyond the proposal and further into life’s journey of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, seeing this milestone as a pact.

Simon G. Engagement Ring Committed Campaign

So, for us here at Wedding Chicks, these are some of the things we’re committing to this holiday season and beyond! Anonymity because why not!

Remembering the little occasions a lot more often.

For me, I feel like we often only remember to give gifts for the big holidays. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. We truly forget about the other occasions - when our partner gets a promotion at work, when our friend who might be going through something really rough, personally, finally comes out on the other side (in better spirits), when our parents finally decide to put the house on the market (after empty nesting for so long). So, I really want to go into this next year, remembering all the little moments that are impacting my friends+family in a major way - and find ways to honor them, celebrate them, share in the special occasions, the triumphs, that are often overlooked.

Making good on a family-comes-first mentality.

We alllllll have issues with this one, especially when work gets all-consuming and other drama gets in the way of what really matters. That’s why I always come back to this as a New Year’s resolution, because it’s so vastly important. Work, stress, obligations will always be there, but so too will family, and at the end of the day - family comes first! So, I’m pledging to ‘put a pin’ in anything that can wait for another day. To use the time I might have spent worrying about work or another tangential on my family and those closest to me.

Simon G. Committed Campaign Couple Hugging

Finding good replacements for the bad.

My baby has made me an enabler. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve eaten pretty much anything sweet I’ve wanted, because my ‘baby made me do it.’ And it’s cute, but I’ve been totally out of control. Pregnancy has been a crutch. I need to go back to eating normal again, not binging on waffles and ice cream all the time. I feel like I never stick to my resolution, so this year, I’m trying to supplement a little bit. Instead of removing all the bad stuff in one fell swoop, I’m instead going to replace it with other things that are much more nourishing. Time with my new baby girl, time with my husband, grocery store trips all together, where I can find things that my whole family will enjoy and find fulfilling.

Not getting jealous of the relationships around me.

During this time of the year, it seems like everyone is getting engaged, getting married, having babies, ‘moving forward’ in life. And it’s REALLY hard to let go of the envy that builds up - especially as I look at my relationship with my own partner and think about where we ‘should be’ or ‘could be.’ So, for my NY resolution, I’m going to try to be a little more like Kendall Jenner. Her Thanksgiving Insta post said it all. Total #goals. I need to stop making comparisons.

Simon G. Committed Campaign Jewelry Wedding Bands

Wearing more than just my engagement ring and wedding band.

Not every day warrants jewelry-wearing beyond just my engagement ring and wedding band, but SO much of the jewelry I’ve gotten over the years, from my S.O., my parents, my in-laws, just sits in my jewelry box. Untouched, untarnished, but never allowed to sparkle. That’s why I’m giving myself a kick to wear my rings, earringsbracelets, bangles, pendants, and statement pieces every so often - when I’m feeling inspired. The people who gifted me these baubles knew that I’d adore them, and I do! That’s why I want to commit to wearing them and styling them as my loved ones intended. 

Considering my partner’s perspective plenty more.

Everyone is guilty of only thinking of themselves every now and again, but once you’re engaged, that immaturity, wouldn’t even say that, it’s more of a shortcoming, needs to fade into the back a lot more. Getting married means entering into a more ‘permanent’ partnership, collaboration, union, so I can’t only worry about myself and what makes me happy. It’s all about give and take, shared experiences, honesty and transparency, constant support between the two of us and when we can open ourselves up to one another’s perspective, we’ll both get stronger, we’ll both grow. Soooo, I guess I should stop talking about ‘MY’ wedding and get used to ‘OUR’ wedding for the long haul.

Simon G. Committed Campaign Buckle Bracelets

Do any of these ambitions sound on par with your own this year? Simon G. really had us digging deep for some not-so-superficial resolutions, ones that would really make us think about commitment and how it can mean many things to different people. Someone can be committed to his or her family, career, friends, pets, or personal growth. The brand knows the worth of commitment over the long term, and their team works every day to honor their legacy of commitment to design and excellent value. They have decades of knowledge and experience to share.

So, whether you’re committing to doing more things that make you happy, or accumulating much less every year, getting more involved in passion projects or spending fewer hours at work when you can be at home, honoring your pledges, your vows to yourself is hard work and shouldn’t be overlooked. All that said, if you’re giving up some sugar, you can always make up for it with a little colorful frosting. How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days, anyone?

And side note, currently obsessing over the newest additions to Simon G.'s buckle collection. Maybe if I can buckle down on my resolutions, I can save some room for one of these? 


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We partnered with Simon G. to share some easy-to-follow NYE resolutions to keep you sparkling all 2019 long. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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