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4 Reasons Blanc de Bleu’s Blanc de Rosé Is Perfect for V-Day

4 Reasons Blanc de Bleu’s Rosé Is Perfect for V-Day Photo Credit:

Okay soooo, Valentine’s Day is on #ThirstyThursday this year, which means that everrrryone can have a great day/night and they don’t even need to be in a relationship. ((And how often does that happen for the holiday?!?!!)). Whether you’re spending a quiet evening in with your S.O. and some killer Thursday night TV, going big with an epic date night - that might even end with a ring on THAT finger, ditching formal dating altogether and hitting up a singles-only shindig, or pre-gaming a la Galentine’s Day with the girls the day before, you need something sweet, festive, maybe even pink or red to sip on. And we know the perfect pour for all four scenarios: Blanc de Bleu’s brand-new sparkling rose, Blanc de Rosé.

But before all the appropriate pairings, let’s first just peep all the pretty.

Look at this bottle and try not to immediately feel 😍😍😍. It’s impossible, right? We’re huge fans of all the rosé, but Blanc de Rosé is one of our favorites, because it’s such a delicate drink. It’s not too sweet, not too bubbly, but incredibly refreshing - and the tartness just matches our sass ((we all have it, so we all need a little bit of that punch)). It’s not even 2.14 yet, and I’m already envisioning what my day of love looks like. Baby in bed by 7/7:30PM, takeout ordered by 8PM, pjs by 9PM, followed by whatever’s loaded in the DVR, toasting with my hubs, and alternating swigs+sucks of Rose and sour Sweet Tart hearts. #GOALS.

4 Reasons Blanc de Bleu’s Rosé Is Perfect for V-Day

So, if your plans look anything like these, make sure you come prepared with #somethingpink to cheers with.

Staying in and sampling apps and zerts.

Ahh, the “Hallmark Holiday.” Yeah, if you’ve been with your person for a while, you might just be over it. And that’s okay. You definitely don’t have to fete the flowers and chocolate occasion in envious ways all the time, but you can still be romantic and lowkey rendezvous-y. All you need is a sinful spread (savory and sweet), flutes overflowing with Roseé and each other. Slippers don’t hurt, either.

Dinner with a chance of diamonds.

It’s Valentine’s Day, so the amount of couples who will be so-engaged by the end of it is actually out of control. Somewhere in the millions, for sure. And what goes better with a new bauble than an equally pretty bottle? Especially if you want to stage the perfect ‘we just got engaged, look at that sparkle!!!!’ Instagram post. Ring box, bottle of Roseé and some pretty hearts, because it’s Cupid’s day, he’d appreciate the extra-ness.

4 Reasons Blanc de Bleu’s Rosé Is Perfect for V-Day

Lonely hearts hangs that don’t have to sting.

We said it was Thirsty Thursday, but that doesn’t mean that if you’re sans a special someone you need to drink alone and hope for the best on Tinder. And you shouldn’t!! Blanc de Rosé was meant to be shared with friends and fellow singles, just as much as their coupled-up counterparts. Not to mention, once the bottles are polished off, we can totally see them working well for spin the bottle. Hmm 😉🤫.

Galentine’s Day dreams.

We won’t get too wordy with this one, we’ll just leave it to Leslie Knope to lay the groundwork.


You can do bouquets of hand-crocheted flower pens and needlepoint pillows with their faces on them, just make sure your girls’ gifts ALSO include a nice bottle of Blanc de Rosé… It just makes the perfect sense!

Shop the sparkle now!!

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We partnered with Blanc de Bleu to give people pro and con Valentine’s Day #somethingpink to think about. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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