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13 Awesome Couples Costumes Halloween

Happy Halloween Photo:

Dim the lights and get to carving your jack-o-lanterns, because it is that spooky time of the year again! We, here at Wedding Chicks love a good costume party and the creativity that comes with finding just the right look for you, your bestie(s) and/or your partner. In fact, this particular chick, lives for getting dressed up on Halloween and posting up at a favorite drinking hole to watch the parade of wildly creative costumes.

So what are you going to dress up as? I’ve been tossing around some fun ideas since July and I thought I’d share with all of you lovely people some of my favorite costume ideas for Halloween 2019! 

60’s Astronauts

60s astronauts Photo:

Space! The final frontier! There is just something magical about the idea of space and space travel. There is so much we don’t know and the possibilities are pretty much endless out there among the stars.

Sorry, that was my space nerd side getting the better of me, but if you are just as excited about rockets, satellites and shooting stars as I am, maybe an homage to the classic sci-fi astronauts from the 1960’s is the perfect look for you this Halloween. 

Classic Micky & Minnie Mouse

classicminnieandmickey Photo:

Huh-Huh! Hiya kids! You cannot go wrong with a Disney inspired look and this classic Mickey and Minnie couple costume has me searching for the perfect someone to don a pair of mouse ears with. Plus this look is super simple AND so iconic you are bound to have people complimenting your look all night!

TY Beanie Babies

tybeaniebabies Photo:

Okay, I’m probably one of the first people to admit I love comfort over couture, so this group costume idea is SO perfect! Not only does everyone get to stay comfy in what are basically fuzzy animal-shaped jumpers, but the idea of tying the group of you together with matching TY tags is brilliant! Go forth and be snuggly this Halloween! 

Medusa & Statue

medusaandstatue Photo:

A CLASSIC! But what really makes this idea so rock solid… (pun most assuredly intended)… is the killer face painting that goes along with this awesome couples look. So be sure to snag some green and gold face paint for your Medusa look and don’t forget the black and white for whoever will be your stoney statuesque partner!

Red Riding Hood & Werewolf

littleredandwarewolf Photo:

You know the well-trodden tale of Little Red Riding Hood, but have you ever stopped to think that maybe the big bad wolf she meets was just dealing with a bit of a full moon transformation? That’s right, how much more fun is that kids story with the addition of a Werewolf? Get ready to howl at that Halloween moon!

Sun & Moon

sun:moon Photo:

Looking for an iconic duo to dress up as this Halloween. You won’t find a more well-known pair than the Sun and the Moon. They’ve been around longer than we have so you are bound to get recognized. So toss on some gold and silver glitter and go brighten up the dark with these legendary looks.

Rock-a-billy Frankenstein & Bride of Frank

rockabillyfrankandbride Photo:

We’ve all seen the classic horror film monsters show up around Halloween every year, no biggie. So how do you revitalize these well-loved looks? Adding a funky spin to them of course! And I have to say, Rock-a-billy Frankenstein and his Bride are a new favorite of mine. Not only do you get to rock some sweet cuffed jeans excellently quaffed hairstyles but you also get to do it in monster makeup!

Psst! Another great take Ive seen is Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols) and Nancy Spungen. Really half the fun is mashing up your fav couples with the Mary Shelly monster and his bride. #MonsterMash 

Harley & Joker

genderbend-harley genderbend-joker Photo:

Another great thing about Halloween, and dressing up in general, is that anyone can be anything. Do you love a character that doesn’t match up to what you looking like physically? Doesn’t matter, Get out there and do it up your way… (to a limit, just be kind and courteous of others and their cultures). 

These next few ideas are some of my favorites as they gender-bend some classic characters and the results are awesome!

First off the Joker and Harley, a popular due and one that can easily be molded to match whomever. I gotta say Male Harley Quinn is really doing it for me! And female Joker as some bomb style!

Miles Morales

genderbend-milemorales Photo:

Awwwww-yeah, such a good movie, amiright!? So why wouldn’t you want to kick it Mile Morales style? Wait you’re female? SO WHAT! Spider-verse was one of my very favorite movies this last year and Miles does some have a sweet looking spider suit so if you have the confidence to walk around in a lycra jumpsuit this Halloween I say do it (Just please please, no blackface) 

Star-Lord and Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy) 

genderbend-starlordandgamora Photo:

And gender-bend costume idea number three for this year, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Peter “Star-Lord” Quill and Gamora. So so rad! I’ve always loved Quill’s swishy coat and classic Walkman And let’s be honest, Gamora is an alien so really does gender even factor into this? Go take your badass self and be who you want to be this Halloween!

Bestie Emoji

besties emoji Photo:

Looking for a simple costume for you and your bestie this year? Well, look no further than your emoji keyboard. Matching black outfits, shoes, and hair bows will have you two looking like that iconic pair that have danced their way into our hearts. 

lightning strike

lighteningstrike Photo:

Ka-POW! This Halloween is going to be a blast! Looking for a great couple costume idea that will leave everyone else sizzling? How about this electric Lightning Strike look? It’ll give everyone a laugh and won’t cost much more than a destroyed shirt and umbrella. Genius!

Rum and Coke

rumandcoke Photo:

And to take this fun Halloween costume post out on a sweet note, why not get dressed up as your fav mix drink? Captain and Coke here is a fun way to bust out that pirate outfit in a clever way. No parrot needed.

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