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Impress Your Guests With These Fall Wedding Cake Flavors

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Fall, the leaves are changing and it’s officially PSL season, and if you’re planning a fall wedding for next year, then it’s time to start thinking about your wedding cake. As seasons go, fall has to be the best for flavors. We talked to Lara Martins of LILA Cake Shop and got the inside scoop on all the crowd favorites and a few unexpected ones that your guests are sure to love! Here’s what she had to say…

What gives a wedding cake fall feels?

floral fall wedding cake with painted flowers in burgundy Cake:

I think what gives a wedding cake those fall feels is a deeper, moodier, and more saturated color palette. There's a distinct shift from the softer pastels of spring and summer weddings into more autumnal shades like burgundy, burnt orange, rust, terracotta, and golds.

What is your most popular fall flavor?

delicate fall wedding cake with painted flowers Cake:

In the fall, I've noticed couples opting for flavors that include warmer spices, chocolate, caramel, and nuts. This season, our Churro flavor has been a favorite as well as Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Caramel, and Pistachio Rose.

What is the most underrated fall flavor?

vibrant floral wedding cake with fall flowers Cake:

I think that people immediately think of pumpkin and apple when they think of fall. I absolutely love pumpkin and apple cakes, but pear, ginger, cranberry, and almond are definitely underrated fall flavors. I'd love to marry all four of those flavors in a fall wedding cake!

tips for shopping for your fall wedding cake

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As with any season, my only tip is for couples to have fun with their cake. Let it be a representation of your taste in flavors and your design aesthetic. It's great to have the cake feel seasonal, but it isn't necessary for both the design and flavors to both be autumnal. Choose an element or two as a nod to the season and then enjoy!

neutral fall wedding cake Cake:

With options like that, you can’t go wrong, though we seriously need to try the Pistachio Rose! So what’s the takeaway? Whether it’s the cake itself or the icing/decor on the outside, go with the deeper shades in your wedding color palette. Keep the flavors warm and (shall we say) spicy and don’t be afraid to go with a heartier cake, fruit, nuts, and all. Most of all, make sure you’re choosing a cake that speaks to your own taste as a couple, and if it happens to fit the season, even better.

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